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This October Calgarians are being invited to the polls to vote in their new municipal leadership.  I don't consider myself a political person, but I am engaged in my community and as such municipal elections are important to me.  In previous posts around election time I have written about the role that philanthropists, charities and social businesses can play in supporting and pushing the needle on policy discussions.  Discussions like what George Brookman has been leading around the Penny Tax for the arts, or what a group of technologists and entrepreneurs are doing with #CivicTech and #CodeForCanada and #CodeForAmerica.  This post is about what happens when a city is tied to an industry and thinks that by doing business as usual we will get different results (insanity, comes to mind).  It is also about looking beyond this election cycle and this one politician's role, to that of a multi-generational view, where I am not going to directly benefit from some of the policies set forth in his platform, but my nephews and their kids will.

This past weekend I had the privledge of joining a number of food bloggers and media folks at a very special announcement made by Modern Steak Owner, Stephen Deere.  Stephen along with the owner of Benchmark Farms, Michael Munton shared a new joint venture - Modern Steak has bought a bull! This means that offspring from this bull will be used as one of the meat sources for Modern Steak, tying the consumer directly to the producer.  A cradle-to-cradle consumption model.

No, I am not talking about a Dr. Seuss story.  FISH is an acronym for:

·         Financial

·         Intellectual

·         Social

·         Human

·         [Enterprise]


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