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Calgary, Alberta - At Place2Give we strive to connect the power of consumer behaviour with the act of giving.  Every year of the billions of dollars are spent of the holiday gifts purchased in in North America, over $100Billion will be spent in the form of a Gift Card.  In fact, according to Gift Card Granny, 93% of people have either bought or gifted a card.  We want to encourage people to continue to purchase gift cards AND make charitable contributions at the same time.  TheCardThatGives is just that type of giving vehicle.  You buy a gift card, give it to a friend and they redirect the face value to any one of Canada’s 90,000 charities.  

National Philanthropy Day is on November 15.  Leading up to this day organizations around the world are hosting events celebrating the generosity of people and businesses in their communities.This got me thinking about the concept of philanthropy in relationship to the role that leaders play in shaping our social fabric.

Charitable organizations are familiar with logic models as they are a generally accepted method of reporting on what a project will be doing and what it intends to accomplish as a result of those activities.  In some cases, th