This past weekend I had the privledge of joining a number of food bloggers and media folks at a very special announcement made by Modern Steak Owner, Stephen Deere.  Stephen along with the owner of Benchmark Farms, Michael Munton shared a new joint venture - Modern Steak has bought a bull! This means that offspring from this bull will be used as one of the meat sources for Modern Steak, tying the consumer directly to the producer.  A cradle-to-cradle consumption model.

What I did on my summer vacation... Another "out of the box experience".

For those who know me well, I am not Sporty Spice... But I will try anything once, provided it won't kill me. So bunjee jumping and sky-diving are out, but 3 weeks camping by myself is something that I could do. So I am.

This is the first post of my roadtrip. I love road trips. The last significant one I went on was in 2007 when I drove across Canada, ending up in Ottawa on the Day of Action. You can read about this trip on my first blog, "What do we have in Common." I ended up taking all the side roads asking people along the way, what we had in common. I was seeking out the answer to this question because I was struggling with how the media kept portraying our differences, when what we have in common is actually greater than our differences. This trip led to my connection to the Milestone's Project. If you have the opportunity to see this exhibit: Canada - on display in the arrivals section of the Calgary Airport - International Level; USA - in Boulder, Co. multiple locations; I strongly recommend it.