Canadian Business Associations Join #RetailPhilanthropy Movement – Giving Tuesd’eh

TUESDAY, NOV. 8, 2016

Calgary, Alberta – Giving Tuesday, the Tuesday after the American Thanksgiving, which is synonymously known as Black Friday – a day of mass consumerism in advance of the Christmas Holidays, has been growing momentum in Canada.  Started by the Giv3 Foundation, Giving Tuesday traditionally targets charities to use their voices for soliciting funds and engaging with donors in advance of the holidays.

Two local businesses are turning this model on its head and reaching out to Canada’s retail business community to use the power of consumer behavior to drive social change in their communities.  Gena Rotstein, Executive Director of the Place2Give Foundation, a registered charity in Canada and US and founder of TheCardThatGives, and Jay Baydala, CEO of Goodpin are the two behind Giving Tuesd’eh the #RetailPhilanthropy movement (

Says Rotstein, “Donors often ask me how much charities spend on fundraising. And while I don’t think this is the right question, it is one that keeps getting asked.  So why should we be encouraging charities to be out there with cap-in-hand, when there is a more powerful way to attract donations, keep costs low, and put the sales pressure on the experts – those businesses that sell stuff as part of their business model? We call it #RetailPhilanthropy. Meeting people where they are at – buying stuff for the holidays.”

Baydala goes on to say, “We don’t want to discourage people from buying things.  What we want to do is to democratize giving so that consumers have a say in how corporate donations are being used.  We want to encourage people to give, by rewarding them with additional buying power AND give them a voice to the millions of dollars that will be redirected to charities through corporate sponsorships and donations.”

According to the numbers released earlier this year by Place2Give Foundation, over $14,000 was redirected to charity through the two-week pilot program of TheCardThatGives. This year with more retailers on board she has set a target in excess of $100,000.

Two business organizations see the value in getting their members behind this campaign representing retail outlets locally and nationally.

REAP Business Association is a community of 150 Alberta-owned businesses that are encouraging consumers to create more social and economic impact through their #BeLocal campaign, and GoodMob facilitates ‘shopping with purpose’ to encourage buying from local independent businesses owners who support local nonprofits.

Both of these organizations see the value and intersection of strong, vibrant communities, engaged consumers and retailers and the power that consumerism can have on the charitable marketplace.

How can you get involved?

Download the Goodpin app from the Apple Store or visit their website –, and see what retailers in your community are rewarding you for your donation.  Oh and make sure you patronize those shops!!!

Purchase TheCardThatGives online – or visit one of the local retailers:

  • Castle Toys
  • Various GoodMobs across Canada
  • National Music Centre Gift Store
  • Fair Trade Calgary event - Nov. 29, 2016 - 5pm at 1410 World Bierhaus
  • REAP Calgary events
  • SMByyc breakfast
  • Print3 downtown Calgary location

More retailers are being added every week! If you are retailer and you would like to be a part of this movement please contact Gena Rotstein – or Jay Baydala -


Note to Editor

Jay Baydala is the founder and CEO of Goodpin and Calgary-based tech company working with companies to highlight their community contributions by engaging their customers through a unique giving app that can be found in the Apple Store. Goodpin is a “Kickstarter for charities”. A platform for people to donate to charities and for charities to promote themselves through their corporate partners.

Gena Rotstein is the Executive Director of the Place2Give Foundation a registered charity in Canada and the US. Place2Give provides donors an online portal to research and donate to charities and allow donors to have their own micro-foundations for strategic philanthropy planning. TheCardThatGives is a GIVE card whereby the face-value can be redirected to any charity in Canada by the recipient of the card.

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