Let the Shopping Begin… Harnessing Consumer Buying Power for Holiday Gifts

Calgary, Alberta - At Place2Give we strive to connect the power of consumer behaviour with the act of giving.  Every year of the billions of dollars are spent of the holiday gifts purchased in in North America, over $100Billion will be spent in the form of a Gift Card.  In fact, according to Gift Card Granny, 93% of people have either bought or gifted a card.  We want to encourage people to continue to purchase gift cards AND make charitable contributions at the same time.  TheCardThatGives is just that type of giving vehicle.  You buy a gift card, give it to a friend and they redirect the face value to any one of Canada’s 90,000 charities.  

Since launching this product two years ago almost $20,000 in NEW donations was directed to charities. The average gift card was $25.  That’s a lot of gift cards!  How do we know it is a new gift?  Because we ask our donors to share their stories of philanthropy.  For many of our users, this is the first time that they have been empowered to donate on their own OR they have considered the influence that their consumer buying power has on charities beyond pink ribbon campaigns.


What does this mean for the recipient organization? They now have two ways to engage with their donors - those who purchased the card and those who redirected the gift to their organization. Our technology provides this information for those organizations and it is up to them to activate the relationship.  At Place2Give we believe we should be stepping back from the relationship so that the charities and the donors can connect.


Our primary purchasers were small business owners who were looking at giving something unique to their clients.  We had companies from across Canada participate representing a variety of industries including: construction, automotive, printing, waste management, software developers and marketing/communications firms.  For a complete list of businesses that are involved in our campaign please visit - http://place2give.com/partners.aspx.


TheCardThatGives is the ideal gift for that person who has everything and for those who have asked you not to buy a gift.  Once you have purchased a card please share on Facebook or Twitter and link @Place2Give #TheCardThatGives.  If you have redeemed a card please make sure you share out that you have done so.  


We believe that Canada is the most Generous Nation and this is in large part due to how we choose to spend our money.  Buying gift cards is part of your everyday holiday shopping experience, why not make it a charity GIVE card through TheCardThatGives.

For more information about the Place2Give Foundation please visit www.Place2Give.com or email admin@place2give.com.