Place2Give Quarterly Update

Normaly I send the Place2Give Foundation quarterly update out by email to our donors instead of posting it as a blog. I am posting it as a blog this time as I think there is an interesting story behind the numbers.

Place2Give was created to help donors with strategic, tactical philanthropy. A donor advised fund in Canada and the US we designed the foundation to use data as a jumping off point to create giving plans that are impactful. With the sale of Dexterity Ventures Inc. to Good Done Great the need for a technical backend for the foundation became somewhat unnecessary.  Over the summer the Board of Directors for Place2Give have been looking at different opportunities to continue supporting our donors and the charities that they, in turn, support.  More about the new direction will be shared in early 2018.

What I find interesting about this quarter's numbers is the jump that occurred during the summer. Typically summertime is not a very busy time for our foundation.  This quarter we processed over $190K CDN in donations up from $54K CDN this same time last year. We have also managed to work with our donors to activate over $415K CDN of their donations into organizations across Canada.  This is no small feat considering we are a flow-through foundation with limited marketing budgets and really designed as a stepping stone to more sophisticated philanthropy vehicles like Community Foundations and financial institutions managed philanthropy accounts.

What prompted this spike? My sense is that the work that we have done with families and donors over the winter and spring helping them set up their giving plans, researching charities, and conducting site visits to organizations that align with their giving all came together in summer.  What will be more telling is how these transactions grow during the traditional giving season.

Place2Give Foundation is designed to help you think through your philanthropy, create an impact-oriented giving portfolio, learn from others around how they are tackling some of society's complex problems and establish yourself in the social profit landscape. If you would like to learn more about how this foundation can help you take the next step in generating social capital and moving the needle on the issues you care about please email us at