Quarterly Notes from the Tech Team – Q2 2015

Some major developments have happened with the technology at Dexterity Ventures Inc. (DVI)! Here is the overview of what has been going on:

GIVE_api Version 2.5

We have been busy working on updating our GIVE_api. The latest version will be release early in Q3, and will include the ability to make real-time payments.

Developers Libraries

To aid developers in implementing our GIVE_api in their projects, Dexterity Ventures Inc. has created a series of libraries for some of the more popular development languages.

Developers can download the GIVE_api development libraries for Android, iOS, ASP/.NET, JAVA and also PHP. Each of the packages contains the full library, a detailed readme file and a useable demo. If you have any questions regarding the libraries, please contact us at support@dexterityventures.com.

QR Code

Using DVI technology, we have developed a way to validate door-to-door and street-side canvassers for charities. Feedback we have received from both charities and donors is that they don't give to organizations that solicit door-to-door or on the street because they don't trust that the funds are going back to the charity, the person can't be validated as a direct connection to the charity, or because they don't have a clear articulation of overhead fees associated with the donation. Our Canvasser Validator is built off of the GIVE_api and uses a QR code that not only confirms that this canvasser is tied to the charity, but the donate button links back through the Place2Give Foundation so funds donated go to the charity without passing through the hands of the canvasser. Tax receipts are issued directly to the donor via email and the Canvasser ID is logged to the transaction so that charity can keep record of the performance of their team.

The canvasser profile is established by the charity, with a photo of the canvasser and a unique ID number tied to the QR code. The charity can deactivate a canvasser at any time, and when this happens that individual will no

Donations can be made through PayPal, Stripe and Square and we are looking at other mobile wallets like Google Wallet and Apple Pay.

Tech Demos

In order to help people understand the power of our tech better, we have developed demos which enable people to try our products.

We current have demos available for our following tech solutions:

·         Funeral_api and GIVE_api Demo

·         Banking Tools

·         The Advisor Toolbox

·         QR Code demo


The latest version of myPlace2Give is set to be released in November. With feedback from our current fund users, we have streamlined the on-boarding process for individuals and families wanting to set up their own online foundation account with Place2Give. 

The micro-foundation platform is a stepping stone into long-term philanthropy planning. Our clients use this tool as a way to get them started in the strategic giving journey on their way to managed fund accounts with community foundations or other institutions.

Holiday Giving & DVI

It’s almost that time of year to once again start to think about your holiday giving program. This year at DVI we have an exciting new holiday giving initiative for small businesses and individuals. It will be launching in a few weeks’ time, so keep your eyes peeled for our announcement email!


Until Next Quarter,

The DVI Tech Team