Summer Time is Planning Time - Update on Dexterity Consulting and it's Parent Company - Dexterity Ventures Inc.

Dexterity Consulting is just going through its annual strategic planning review and stakeholder engagement.  As a reader of this blog your ideas, suggestions, input is welcome so that we can provide even better service to our clients.

Over the past four years as I have been building out this philanthropic brokerage firm I have identified four core clients:

  • Advisors (wealth managers, lawyers, tax planners, etc.)
  • Family donors (typically donating $100K/year or more)
  • Individuals looking for basic information on charities (no minimum donation)
  • Registered charities, non-profits, and social ventures (for-profit and non-profit)

Our services are mostly provided in Canada, so we now have a virtual office based in Toronto!  This past quarter we have started providing research support and Advisor Training into the American market-place. 

This fall we will be launching a series of seminars and webinars in partnership with charities, other consultants, financial services firms, and law firms around North America on a variety of topics.  Your suggestions and ideas on what you want to learn about is critical in our planning process.  Please take a moment to share your ideas by commenting on this blog and answering this quick survey:

An update on our corporate direction will be released this fall.

Please visit the workshop section of this website in August for the list of upcoming fall webinars, seminars, conferences and online learning opportunities.