This morning the first blog post I read was Seth Godin's post entitled, Fear of Philanthropy.  In it he poses two questions:

  1. How much is enough when it comes to philanthropy?
  2. At what point do you decide when to walk away from an issue?

Guest Blogger: Amy Lewis is currently completing her Bachelor of Communications-Public Relations Degree at Mount Royal University with an anticipated graduation Summer 2010.  Amy has diverse range communication experience.  Including marketing, media relations and, event planning. For her first internship Amy held the position of marketing coordinator for WorldSkills Calgary 2009.  Amy enjoys exploring the variety of options that Marketing and Public Relations presents. 

Things as of late are looking pretty good, the housing market is in recovery, the economy is beginning to rebound but it wasn't that long ago that we were all crying the sky is falling. Everything appeared to be doom and gloom.

What would happen if we looked at philanthropy through the lenses of the “Own the Podium” campaign?” This campaign has been the center of much controversy; but as the Olympics culminate tonight, with a gold in Men’s Hockey, I think it’s safe to say much of this campaigns controversy has dissipated. Overall I think all of us are proud of everything our Olympians accomplished, but did the campaign put too much pressure on Canadian athletes? Can we really call this Olympics a failure? How can we as Canadians say we didn’t reach “our” goal? First of all who’s goal is the Canadian Olympic Committee talking about? These Olympians reached a goal that many of us only dream about – they made it to the Olympics. However you look at it, Canada did not only make it to the Olympics, but – today – holds a world record with a count of 14 Gold medals and is third over all. If we approached philanthropy with this all or nothing mentality, wouldn’t we all want to just give up at first sight of trouble? Wave the white flag in defeat like the COC did at the half way point during the Olympics.

Greetings from Guatemala! This is my first time in Latin America and so far I have loved every minute!  Funny enough, the most difficult part of the trip was leaving the Calgary Airport! Picture 24 hockey bags filled with dental equipment and supplies carried by 8 dentists, hygienists, dental assistants, and other support volunteers; each bag being hand-searched.  From this point it has been smooth sailing (with the exception of the earthquake that shook me awake this morning).

I’ve just finished reading an article in the Calgary Herald and it has spurred much self-contemplation.  The article, highlighting Calgary's second “My World” conference, which was organized by Bruce Johnston, principal at Simon Fraser School. More than 550 students – grades five to nine - from 38 schools across the city attended. Students spent the day learning about 24 different non-governmental organizations and social agencies working to improve access to water, education and economic opportunities in developing countries. While reading this, all I could seem to think of was ‘WOW,what a fabulous idea’ – but why didn’t I have this opportunity as a kid in junior high? 

Guest Blogger: Amy Lewis is currently completing herBachelor of Communications-Public Relations Degree at Mount Royal Universitywith an anticipated graduation Summer 2010. Amy has diverse range communication experience.  Including marketing, media relations and,event planning. For her first internship Amy held the position of marketingcoordinator for WorldSkills Calgary 2009. Amy enjoys exploring the variety of options that Public Relationspresents.

The more I learn about the philanthropicsector, the more I am beginning to see the similarities between dating andgiving. I bet you’re scratching you’re head thinking this girl has got somecase of the crazies, but before you come to that conclusion hear me out.

I normally don't post two blogs in one day, but I read this blog this morning and want to share it with you.  Thank you Seth for allowing me to repost this piece!  You can follow Seth Godin on Twitter @thisissethsblog.

These days social media is being utilized for a variety of innovative campaigns; whether as a way to attract potential customers, garnering attention or brandrecognition. Einstein Bros. Bagels’ used a Facebook campaign as a way to gain fans(friends) of their product. Be my friend, get a free bagel!

I just read a press release issued by the British Cabinet office of the Third Sector announcing the appointment of philanthropist and thought-leader, Dame Stephanie Shirley to the new post of Ambassador of Philanthropy.

I just read a very interesting article entitled A Helpful Guide to Failure in Philanthropy. By Robert Wood (@lblumenthal) with Johnson Foundation. In this article he talks about failing with style and failure as success. When I first read that I was a little concerned; I mean really, how do you fail with success?  He had successfully captured my attention so I continued to read. As a student, we are prone to trying new things, taking a few risks and building portfolios. Much of what we take on has such steep learning curves and we are bound to have mini blunders along the way, so if I can learn how to turn these blunders into "success" - I'm all ears.