Yup - you read correctly a Mutual Fund of charities.  What is this you ask?

I have been having a few conversations lately with Charity Intelligence about the true value of a charity.  Some of this is in light of the CEO Compensation debate that seems to have reared

IWhere's the Beef?n the 1980's Wendy's ran a commercial with the slogan, "Where's the beef?"  I was reminded of this as the debate about CEO compensation in the charitable sector is raising its head again.

In yesterday's Globe & Mail Carly Weeks asks the question, "Are Canadians up to the [Giving Pledge] challenge?"

Charity scams are alive and well in Canada.  In 2003 the Chronicle of Philanthropy released a report that in North America over $1.28B is lossed due to fraud (and that is only the fraud that is caught!).  This hit home this week when Ashley Kirilow was denied bail for her part in a cancery charity scam.

In a recent article published by McKinsey and Company, "Global Forces: An Introduction," five trends were identified as the new directions for business.  These same five trends can be applied to global charity and philanthropy.

Last week I was having coffee with two amazing and insightful people at my favourite local coffee shop - @CaffeRosso in Ramsay. @MicheleFGartner and Bob McInnis, Executive Director of @brownbaggingit, and I were talking about donor motivations and charity trends around fundraising and identifying other revenue streams.  At some point during the conversation Michele identified that "Feel-Good Philanthropy" can have a negative downstream effect on overall grant-making because it does not look at a foundations overall social strategy.

The other day Warren Buffet along with Bill & Melinda Gates announced the Giving Pledge campaign to speak with the wealthiest people in North America and urge them to give 50% of their wealth.

The Globe & Mail published a report on charitable sector CEO compensation.  My thoughts on CEO compensation, for what they are worth...

This is an open letter from Brad Krusky who just returned from Guatemala.  An update on Dentistry for All - Dr. Shane Fisher will be staying in Comi for the next six months to establish a perminent local presence working with Guatemalan dentists and health care practitioners as well as local social service agencies addressing larger issues.  If you would like more information on what is happening on the ground you can email Shane.