I have recenlty been posting philanthropy related blogs on the Karma & Cents blog.  One of my most recent posts is in response to the GlobalTV news report on the Poppy Fund and

I am back in Canada, sleeping in my nice comfy bed that does not have fleas, with access to fresh running water, and indoor flush toilets; so I am in the perfect position to reflect back on my 10 days in Guatemala.  The irony is not to be lost - how we can accomplish so much in conditions that are "not to North American Standards," is amazing to me.

I have another blog post to share now that I am back in Canada, but wanted to get these photos posted (now that I am on a high-speed connection).

It was a wonderful trip!  Guatemala is a beautiful country and I look forward to going back again sometime.

Enjoy the images!

Chicken Bus to Comi


Greetings from Guatemala! This is my first time in Latin America and so far I have loved every minute!  Funny enough, the most difficult part of the trip was leaving the Calgary Airport! Picture 24 hockey bags filled with dental equipment and supplies carried by 8 dentists, hygienists, dental assistants, and other support volunteers; each bag being hand-searched.  From this point it has been smooth sailing (with the exception of the earthquake that shook me awake this morning).